Monday, 30 January 2012

Oh wow, I got over 10,000 pageviews

 In one of the biggest shocks ever, I've turned up unprepared to discover that I have as of today gained over ten thousand pageviews. This is awesome.
 I can't begin to describe how humbled I am to have gained such a massive amount of pageviews over the past few months of blogging and seeing that Ramblings of a Rock fan has now reached the high amount of popularity that the amount of pageviews has reached into the ten-thousands territory is simply astonishing. I remember the giddiness I felt when I reached 1000 views, so this is something else.
 Though I can't be too sure, I've apparently picked up a group of people who have actually come back to read this rather than just visit the site for one review and it's seriously cool and a little frightening to think that people have actually started to care about me as a writer as well as the stuff I have to say. I know that several friends from schools have become frequent readers of ROARF and the positive feedback I've gotten in the past from you guys is overwhelming.
 I've also had the much more awesome experience in blogging of getting to discover lots of new lesser-known bands and there is no feeling more humbling than seeing some of these bands use stuff I've written about them for publicity and getting to see bands like Turbowolf, Steak Number Eight, Prosperina, Amongst Carrion and Shot, Down South doing that has given me lots of pride to know that just maybe I've been doing stuff to help out bands that are truly deserving.
 Anyway, before this gets any more self-congratulatory than it already is, let me once again offer all my thanks to readers who have taken an interest in my thoughts on new music, all my friends who have read my stuff and actually started listening to new music as a result and to all the musicians and other music websites that have promoted my writing in the past. I'm trying to do a course in journalism once I get into university, so this has given me more than enough confidence to pursue this dream.
 Anyway, it's been an awesome ride getting to over 10,000 views and now I'll just have to try and get over 100,000. To celebrate this feat, I guess I'll take a break from studying for prelims for a few minutes and listen to Kyuss.
 Keep on rocking, fellow fans

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