Sunday, 19 February 2012

Review: Marmozets - Vexed

 The other day, my friends and I found rising punk quintet Marmozets to be one of our many targets of casual ridicule and mockery. Not even from listening to their music or anything. Just because we saw a picture of the group cheerfully posing and coming to the conclusion that the band definitely has an average age of twelve. Sometimes we do cooler things when we hang out. Anyway, this dynamic punk crew have already made a fairly big impact with the release of their debut EP Passive Aggressive to much approval and praise. Second EP Vexed sees the group continue their own take on punk. Only this time it's done with truly schizophrenic insanity.

 Essentially, Marmozets deliver an entire spectrum of punk music with great ease and opener One Man Wolfpack reveals this effortlessly mixing giant choruses with infectious hook, which reveals a talent for creating pop punk music mixed with the much more aggressive, structurally complex and unrelenting fury revealing a strong influence from some of hardcore music's most unforgiving acts such as Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Rolo Tomassi. Basically Marmozets have managed to create mathcore with hooks and melody which is no easy task.
 The performance across the EP is relentless as the band choose to tear their way through the seven tracks as violently as possible and crunch, growl and pummel their way through the journey. The guitar work of Jack Bottomley and Sam Macintyre reveal their ability to play with intensity and technical skill as tracks are filled with juddering structural patterns and time signature switches reveals their ability to be more rhythmically complex which, above all else in impressive for people who are at an age of starting their first year in high school.
 Also impressive is the vocal performance of frontwoman Becca Macintyre who unleashes her furious growling with immense fury and passion which is at times comparable to the leviathan growling of Rolo Tomassi's Eva Spence. Plus during the group's more melodic moments her cleaner vocals manage to be more prominent, which are actually very pretty. Well, as pretty as punk chanting can get.
 So, Marmozets seem to be getting a lot of hype and a continuously larger following as we speak and with the talent of taking complexity and melody, mixing it together and still managing to sound wilder and more over-the-top than any fellow peers makes this an understandable cause. This EP has the sound of the be-all-and-end-all to punk music. And we still have to brace ourselves for an album of insanity!

 Marmozets Vexed is out now.

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