Monday, 28 May 2012

Review: 2:54 - 2:54

 I've been excited about getting to check out new London rock n' rollers 2:54 for some time now. Started by sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow and named after the moment that a music-taste-defining drum roll appears in the Melvins' A History of Bad Men, the group have specialized in creating the most pulsing lo-fi garage rock which takes influences from some of the greatest names in grunge and stoner rock with them as well as allowing  influences from shoegaze and post rock to surround their music. If that doesn't sound enticing to you... we can't be friends.

 And so, as listeners are lured into their self-titled debut by the serene siren-esque wails of Colette Thurlow, reminiscent of PJ Harvey at the beginning of opener Revolving we are taken to a musical atmosphere that carries the spirit of punk and rock and roll, even if it delivered in a much smoother mannerism. The dual guitars between Colette and Hannah allow for a greater buildup of sound as one guitar weeps with a beautiful awe-inspiring shrill while the other is left to shred in the background driving the songs to a higher level of indestructibility.
 This texturing of atmospheric guitars akin to My Bloody Valentine and Godspeed You! Black Emperor mixed with the delicate and emotion draining vocal performance of Colette with the rest of the band's more harder rock based performance leads to some truly breathtaking results. You're Early with it's mixture of gentle post rock riffs and drum arrangement from Alex Robbins reminiscent of Kyuss' Demon Cleaner make the performance completely hard hitting despite it being extremely gentle. And it's this element of subtlety across the album that illustrates how rock and roll there performance can be even if you may think that the band's delivery is too soft and smooth for such a description.
 And as the album concludes, one is left realising just how exciting and bursting with potential 2:54 actually are in their musical nature. They present a chilled charming element to their light garage rock that brings in beautiful texturing from otherworldly soundscapes and the striking vocals of Colette Thurlow, yet there is a passionate fire burning beneath this post rock performance in every distorted riff from Hannah Thurlow, every distorted bassline from Joel Porter and gripping drum pattern from Alex Robins. With it's chilling melodies and hidden heaviness, it's hard to think of another band that can do so much to satisfy those who like their rock music do have a deep subtext and genuine sense of passion and desire to create a work of art. If you care about rock and roll and want proof that alternative music can still have a dynamic flare burning within them, make the time to listen to this band. Maybe a time close to five to three or something! That didn't work.

 2:54's 2:54 is out now via Polydor.

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