Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review: The Product - So Alive

 I got into upcoming hard rockers The Product a few months back after deciding that maybe the bands that kept asking me to check them out on Twitter should maybe be checked out. So, having been one of the first lesser-known bands to promote themselves this way, it's been a thrill to see them able to make enough progress to the stage that they're releasing a new EP So Alive which shows that after their debut mini album Break the Silence still have a fiery performance and a sense of ambition that will make them massive.

 With producer Brian Virtue, known for working with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars and Chevelle at their helm, So Alive is crafted into an EP of tunes filled with powerful melodies, and soaring guitars that have a spark of total passion and buoyancy. From the very opening of Light It Up there's a huge sense of excitement in their pop rock bruising, as blazing riffs from BJ Perry and Charlie Jewell have the heavy hooks to spark a biting pulse into massive crowds and create massive spells of headbanging.
 With the band's ability to craft song with monstrous choruses and grand melodies, there's a decent range of songwriting territory covered, from the adrenaline packed scuzz-fests of My Damage and Make Your Move, the kind of songs that will appeal to those that are into Shinedown or 3 Days Grace when at their most aggressive and not making songs that would just sound good for the radio, or the warm heavy balladry of Ever After You that will be of appeal to those who enjoyed Bullet For My Valentine's slower moments on 2010's Fever, which is of course, to go off topic, something to expect more of from the Welsh quartet since announcing they've ditched their thrash influences for their fourth album.
 Sorry, should get back on topic before I end up on a massive discussion about AxeWound. The Product effortlessly display their passion and energy for playing rock and roll on So Alive, mixing distorted hard rock riffage with irresistible hooks to make for a energetic performance that all the boys and girls are gonna love! Subtlety isn't the band's main priority but making a helluva noise that Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin fans will appreciate and will make you realise how sad it is that Slaves to Gravity split is definitely a greater concern. Hopefully you'll pick them over lot's of other hooky hard rock bands that fail to capture the spark of what the genre requires, because these guys should be huge.

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