Saturday, 3 December 2011

You should check out: Amongst Carrion

 I was recently introduced to Welsh up-and-coming metallers Amongst Carrion by my friend John on Google+ and was pretty impressed by what they had to offer. Their bold sound made it clear that metalcore is still a living breathing creature with a lot of anger to release, which left me entranced and asking for more.
 A lot of rising metalcore acts today are easy targets for criticism, choosing to adopt a sense of party-boy antics and happy-go-lucky positivity to a genre that theoretically shouldn't belong in a genre that was built on metallic blood, sweat and tears. I won't complain. I've been into a lot of bands with this description but I can understand that many could view this as problematic. However, Amongst Carrion shun any kind of tomfoolery away. Their debut EP We That Should Not Be is packed to the brim with dramatic, spiteful and fairly doomy metalcore. Think As I Lay Dying with a greater influence from death metal and deathcore acts and you get a pretty basic picture of the band. As guitarist James Hampson creates a selection of brutal juddering riffs across Snowblind and We That Should Not Be you can identify a sense of anger at the world around them has been put into the music, particularly  in the latter track in which the acts of mankind are pretty much slammed to the ground and frontman Josh Lewis or... AJ, as he likes to be called growls about the beauty of mother nature.
 Speaking of which, the metalcore sound must be praised for it's absolute pureness and earthly roots, which gives the music a much richer texture, especially in comparison to some of the rising metalcore acts who have been making constant use of synthesizers, which sometimes works, sometimes really cheapens their sound, especially when they try to make themselves totally unique by mixing metalcore with what sounds like B-horror movie soundtracks. (Yeah, I've not been getting into likely-to-be-next-year's-Kerrang!-cover-stars Motionless In White)
 So, taking to the sort-of-underground world of youthful metalcore acts packing energy and brutality to their music rather that party-boy-quirks Amongst Carrion are taking all their listeners by storm.

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