Saturday, 10 December 2011

Song review: Lamb of God - Ghost Walking

 When it comes to fully getting into music, it sometimes takes a while for me to see how things really are. And one thing that I've really come to notice over time is that there really is no such thing as all around respect for any artist of any kind. When I first got into Metallica through Master of Puppets and The Black Album my initial thoughts were that these albums were totally awesome and there was no way in hell that anyone would disagree even though both albums have something of a different sound to them. As months past, such thoughts were broken for me after realizing that The Black Album is the album that has separated most metal fans from one another more than any other album. I also realized the thousands of people out there who feel that The Black Album and all following pieces of work are some of the worst music they've ever heard. So, I lost faith in this myth of Metallica being viewed as Godly by all the metal community.
 Instead, focus on such a claim went to another band that I totally loved and really struggled to find any bad words written about, Virginia's Lamb of God. Having totally fallen in love with Sacrament and Wrath I came to the conclusion that this was finally the band that no metal fan could disregard. And then comment boards happened. The guys who write on these are probably the harshest people I've ever read the words of and suddenly Lamb of God were just being dismissed as a cheap Pantera rip-off. Though I've noted similarities in terms of riffing and such I'd never call them rip-offs. Lamb of God are blazing with their own sense of unique talent and intensity. This is proven effectively on their new song Ghost Walking.
 Taken from their upcoming seventh album Resolution, Ghost Walking gives a clear impression of the defining aggressive take on traditional heavy metal that LoG have become known for with a higher key that creates a sense of freshness to the song and perhaps the album as a whole. This may annoy many but the song is very much reminiscent of the group's massive single Redneck but with the rawness of Ashes of the Wake or Wrath. While Randy Blythe's vocals sound much deeper throughout the song, this really builds on the sheer brutality the band are offering plus Mark Morton has much more of a spotlight on this song with a guitar solo that is simply mind-numbing.
 So Ghost Walking proves that Lamb of God are very much their own band and shows their music isn't getting weaker in any way and is still very cool to listen to. It gets me very excited for Resolution which is being released next month. And it's also my birthday next month. So just think of how those two things could come together in some way...

 Lamb of God's Resolution will be released on 24th January via Roadrunner.

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  1. dang this new song is burly as F***! the quality is ridiculous... and I love the punch of the metallic factory sounding snare.... so sick! I could listen to LOG's guitarists shred all day.... the riffs are so rad. f*** yeah I can't wait for their new cd! merry january 24th to me :)