Monday, 20 June 2011

Chimaira - "Trigger Finger" and "Born in Blood"

It seems that just an hour ago, another favourite band of mine, Chimaira have made the singles "Trigger Finger" and "Born in Blood" from their soon to be released album "The Age of Hell" available for purchase. While I plan on waiting for the album itself to get my hands on these songs, I have had a good listen to them, and they make me very excited for the 17th of August.
Both songs feature the anger-fueled metalcore that I fell in love with on "Resurrection" and has pretty much come to define the group. "Trigger Finger" begins with a very tense buildup into the main riff, which creates a feeling of suspense which makes listeners, me certainly, very excited for what's to come next. Once the main riff does kick in, during the first verse, you have no choice but to headbang in the slowly, but powerfully. The best way to headbang. Played in a slower pace, the song packs a powerful punch and is simply great to just lose your head to.
"Born in Blood" gives a better view of Chimaira of a band. This is powered purely by anger and though sounding slightly more stripped down than any tracks heard on "Resurrection" the song is still incredibly powerful sounding. This comes largely from Matt DeVries' insane guitar riffs and deathly growls from special guest, Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel. An atmosphere of anger is incredibly prominent and by the time we reach Rob Arnold's solo, it feels like a war has started in my ears. Good lord, I'm excited to enter "The Age of Hell".

Agree? Disagree? Anyone else as stocked as I am?
Check out "Trigger Finger" here,
and "Born in Blood" here,
and see what all the fuss is about

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