Wednesday, 15 June 2011

An introduction, I suppose.

Hey guys! I'm Andy, welcome to my blog, "Ramblings of a Rock fan". As I begin this, I remain a little unsure about the whole process of blogging and from what I've seen, much blogging involves families discussing vacations. Though I may occasionally discuss this type of thing, I'm more interested in creating a blog for the experience of journalism, a future career prospect. As a journalist, I'm not too sure if I'd be so keen on being the one who has to do the giant stories, y'know, I'm not too sure if I'd enjoy being the one to tell the world nuclear war is beginning. I'd be more into writing about my views on society as a whole with relations to personal experience. This is succesful in newspapers as I've seen from the hundreds of Close Reading tasks I've had to do in English classes in the past. However, as it is clear, I am a fan of various different types of rock music and the career of music journalism has also been of great interest to me and the idea of writing for magazines like Kerrang! has become increasingly prominent. With all this in mind, I would like to use this blog for several things; discussing various things that happen in my life that are of interest; share my reaction to any kind of news story that takes my interest; discuss big news in the world of rock music and give reviews of any new albums or singles from the world of rock. Perhaps even write about any gigs I go to, if I ever do and even present a clear view of myself as a person, since I often find I have a weird kind of personality and I've always wondered if anyone else can relate. Well, now that my goals are set out, let's see that things go succesfully.

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