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My (slow) reaction - The K! Awards

Yes, the results of the Kerrang! Awards 2011 have been known for some time now. I guess I just wanted to save my reaction post for when I could actually watch the award show on TV, but I can't seem to find it on Kerrang!, which is a shame, because I really want to see the charismatic hosting abilities of Corey Taylor and Scott Ian again. However the list of winners at the award show was revealed in this weeks K! so I may as well check it out.

Best British Newcomer - Asking Alexandria
First up was the award for the best new band from the homeland, which went to Yorkshire based metalcore group Asking Alexandria. Personally I'm pleased with this. I really enjoy their electronica infused metalcore. It's certainly a break from the past. I did vote for these guys, but admittedly my knowledge on the bands listed in the British Newcomer category was limited. In fact, at the time, I had only heard Asking Alexandria's single "The Final Episode", which I had decided to check out after the band's name clogged up the Youtube search bar, while I was looking for "Ask That Guy with the Glasses" videos. Well, I enjoyed it so, cast my vote for them. Fair enough.

Best International Newcomer - Black Veil Brides
This doesn't really surprise me at all! Kerrang! has had a lot of positive things to say about the Hollywood quintet. Musically, they have a pretty cool, grimy hard rock sound and an influence to Mötley Crüe and KISS - both of whom they often refer to in interviews - is obvious. However, it seems like their rise to success may be case of style over substance, due to the bands famous war paint make up and tight leather outfits. While I think this makes them look like KISS rejects, I certainly admire the effort they put into their look and the fact that they've established an iconic image for their band through their style. Especially when most bands today perform on stage simply wearing what they would have had on earlier that day. So, congratulations on your award BVB, but I actually voted for The Pretty Reckless. Wether they will go on to become to become a genuine group who focus only on making music and touring, or remain simply a side project for frontwoman Taylor Momson remains to be seen, but the raw, heavy and swaggering rock and roll found on their debut, "Light Me Up" was certainly enough for me to cast my vote in their direction.

The Devotion Award - Skindred
Can someone please tell me what "Devotion Award" means? Is it a band who truly puts their all and goes through a hard time making their albums and do loads of touring, therefore are dubbed "devoted"? I'm not at all sure, but the Welsh "ragga metal" crew rather epic. Their single "Warning" featuring Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix was completley off the wall and I absolutely love it. So... I'm glad they won something.

Best Single - 30 Seconds to Mars - "Hurricane"
Hmm... satisfying I suppose. I love 30STM, but I don't think "Hurricane" is their best single, nor do I think "This is War" is their best album. Neither of the the tacks that one could vote for were the best singles from the artists who created them and I would have had a similar reaction if any of the other tacks had won. Apart from if the track I had voted for, Bullet for my Valentine - "Your Betrayal", had won. I love that song for it's truly epic heavy metal intro and Matt Tuck's powerful scream vocals, which ought to have made more use of on that rack and on their album "Fever" in general.

Best Video - My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na"
"Na Na Na" is actually a superb video and I'm glad it's won an award. Mainly because it's just so much fun. The band are all in their Fabulous Killjoys outfits, shooting laser guns in muscle car chases. I also love that they manage to include the album's 30 second opener "Look Alive, Sunshine" into the video as well. I really love that video. It's a joyful experience to watch. But it's not what I voted for. Similarly fun to watch and filled with action and tricks is The Blackout's video for "Higher and Higher". Seriously, the band get kidnapped by a psycho woman, while putting equipment into a lorry, then they're performing in the lorry while it's moving, then their tour manager has to rescue them, then the tour manager does all these cool stunts, like jumping over cars, to find them, then the picture of rapper, Hyro Da Hero on the lorry comes to life and starts rapping, and it's all totally WICKED!!! Yes, action packed. Sometimes I can get captured by these kinds of things.

Classic Songwriter - Biffy Clyro
As, I've said before I listen to music more for the actual music that the lyrics and Biffy Clyro have written some amazingly catchy and enjoyable tunes to their songs in the past. Lyrically, Biffy are certainly unique. I get the feeling that I'm not the only person around who is sometimes confused by their lyrics though. Either way, it's good to see them awarded again. Because I'm Scottish. And all Scottish people have patriotic tantrums of joy when other Scottish people win stuff.  I'm sure I could reference Andy Murray right now, but I don't pay much attention to tennis. Oh well.

Best Album - Bring Me the Horizon - "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen it. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret,"
Uh Oh. I don't actually own this album, so I can't fully comment. However I've heard the singles "Anthem" and "Blessed with a Curse". They're good songs ("Blessed with a Curse" just passing the level of an acceptable song), but they have absolutely nothing on what I've heard on "Suicide Season". My vote went towards "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold. "Nightmare" was definitely my favourite album of 2010. It was full of sheer power and emotion on every track and served as a wonderful tribute to their fallen bandmate, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, with drum parts from Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, one of The Rev's influences, Avenged Sevenfold effectively conveyed their feelings of loss and grief towards their brother. My favourite tracks on the album in particular being "Danger Line" and "Natural Born Killer", the entire album was a masterpiece and truly deserving of a K! Award.

Best Live - All Time Low
Sadly I don't get all that much of an opportunity to visit gigs. So I didn't really know what I was doing when voting here. I think i voted for Bullet for my Valentine again, because a friend saw them and claimed they were awesome. Um... yeah. I do like All Time Low's music though and I imagine seeing them live would be pretty fun.

Best British Band - You Me at Six
I certainly think You Me at Six are one of the best pop rock bands around and much of their songs are irresistibly catchy. Apart from "Finders Keepers" Josh Franceschi's vocals on that song really annoy me. But not on any other. As great as they are as a pop rock band, I'd rather have some heavy and thrashy metal more, so once again, Bullet for my Valentine recieved my vote. 

Best international band - 30 Seconds to Mars
Unsurprising that 30STM won this. We do love them here in the UK. They've even managed to fill Wembley. And fair enough, their hard, modern progressive rock is just fantastic. But I really love them for one album, "A Beautiful Lie". I needed to vote for a band who I love through and through, who I enjoy every album by, a band that has a place in my heart. Thus, I voted Sevenfold. If I ever make a list of some kind on the greatest bands I've ever heard, which is unlikely, I know Avenged Sevenfold would near the top. Everything about their music is just wonderful. Synyster Gate's screaming guitar solos, Zacky Vengeance's heavy and heart rushing rhythm guitar work, M. Shadow's voice of pure raw power, the list goes on. Once again Avenged Sevenfold were truly worthy of winning an award. Silly majority of Kerrang! voters.

Kerrang! Legend - Ozzy Osbourne
Erm... About time! He's only the guy who... well started heavy metal off, with Black Sabbath.

Kerrang! Hall of Fame - Korn
Fair enough. Seems a little weird that they've only gotten in now. I'm not too sure what they've done as of now to make them particularly awe-inspiring. Maybe it's because they've helped keep Nu Metal alive, and I do love Nu Metal.

I don't really have much else to say on the final two awardees though. The Kerrang! Inspiration award went to Def Leppard and the Kerrang! Icon award went to Alice Cooper. Make what you will of that. All I have to do now is find the award show on TV and get the lowdown on what happened afterwards. All those bands together sounds like the ingredient to an awesome after party.

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