Friday, 17 June 2011

Ideas and Possibilities - Metallica and Lou Reed to collaborate

Yesterday, I believe quite an positive reaction was created after it was announced that Metallica and Lou Reed are to release a 10 Track album together. This is obviously awesome, but one must wonder what overall kind of sound will be created. Now, I'm more into reed's work with The Velvet Underground, than his solo work and I hope it is this work that has the main influence on the work of the collaboration and songs similar to "Heroin" will be created. I'd even be satisfied enough if there was just a heavy metal cover of "Heroin". There is a chance songs like these will be created, but I also feel Reed's voice would be very suiting with Metallica's slow blusey style, so the album may also include songs similar to "Low Man's Lyric" or "One". Wow. This is beginning to sound like one of the greatest albums ever made.

A more recent collaboration featuring Lou Reed that comes to mind was in 2007 when he performed the track "Tranquilize" with The Killers. (A band who I should also have more knowledge on, as it's suspected they may be about to make a comeback). Tranquilize also had a blues-esque sound (in an Alternative Rock sort of way), but was also quite grimey, alsost carried elements of grunge rock, if you will.
Now when I associate Metallica with Blues, grime and grunge all at once, I'm afraid the first thing that comes to mind is... "St. Anger".

At this point I must explain - and hate me if you will - that I enjoyed St. Anger, but I'm fully aware that the album spawned a dramatic change of style for Metallica and divided opinion across fans. Don't worry though. As much as I like the album, I would never consider it their best piece of work. That would be "Master of Puppets". St. Anger was just a different style but it was really cool. Perhaps, not a style to last more than one album.

Anyways, i feel it's better late than never to give a view on St. Anger. However, metallica are surely aware the album was unpopular enough to return to its style, especially when using their talents for a project as amazing as a collaboration with Lou Reed.

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