Monday, 15 August 2011

Andrew O'Neill - Alternative

 I've just returned from a weekend from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where I pretty much had a "See-shows-from-comedians-who-you occasionally-see-on-the-telly" spree. However, I came to the conclusion afterwards that the bast show I caught was from the least known comedian out of those I saw. It was the hour of oddness, quirkiness and sheer brilliance that came in the form of Alternative, the new show from transvestite comedian (or "Clothes Spastic" as he would prefer) and fellow Metalhead, Andrew O'Neill.
 Known best for being the warmup act for the audience of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and being a regular on the comedy stage at Download, Andrew O'Neill is spending some time doing more intimate gigs at Edinburgh to perform this new show, a show with the theme of O'Neill's ways of living an alternative lifestyle from that of the mainstream. Wether it be by being a transvestite, a metalhead, by hitchhiking or squatting, O'Neill has done plenty that defies the mainstream ways of society. And there's plenty of amazing, hilarious and often shocking stories to have come from all of this. Of course, the show is also packed with plenty unexpected off-the-wall skits, which have the audience in stitches, from singing about when his father lied to him about being an astronaut, to revealing the original working titles of Michael Jackson songs (Thriller was originally titled Horror Film and Smooth Criminal had once been Shaved Villain.) The show is filled with intelligence nonsense, intelligent nonsense and gives a clear look into someone who had lived a very Rock N' Roll life.
 So if you're around Edinburgh for the next few weeks, I strongly recommend you see Andrew O'Neill in Alternative, as there's something for everyone on offer. Weirdness, more interesting anecdotes from the Edinburgh festival, and lots of Metal references. The show is on every night from now until the 28th, excluding the 22nd at the Assembly venue in George Square. You can check here for more information on the show, for buying a ticket. I'd recommend you do. It's a show you won't be left disappointed with and will be remembering for a long time.

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