Friday, 19 August 2011

Four Year Strong - Stuck in the Middle

 Hardcore Pop-Punk... I guess... group Four Year Strong have announced their follow up to 2010's Enemy of the World is in the middle of being recorded. Set to be released on the third of October, In Some Way, Shape or Form sees the melodic hardcore crew create the first album as a four piece since the departure of keyboardist, Josh Lyford, since the bands decision that synthesizers would not be needed in the group. This suggests there will be less of a pop sound in their work and they will concentrate and having a more hardcore, even metallic edge.
 I suppose new single Stuck in the Middle is a good way of demonstrating this theory. Four Year Strong, along with A Day to Remember have been seen as bands who give Pop-Punk music a rougher edge, cited as bands who mange to combine elements of Pop-Punk with those of Metalcore. It's a good description for this song, with it's numerous breakdowns that accompany the jagged, uplifting punk riffs. The mixture is astounding and unique. The Massachusetts rockers create a solid hard rock sound, and actually create a good song which in future could be used to introduce people to heavier stuff. Man, what else can I say? It's awesome! Check it out!

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