Monday, 1 August 2011

I scream! I shout! I am a fallen angel!

 Over the past week, something unexpected happened. A band who have quickly rose to fame and popularity over the past eight months, despite much negativity put towards their name, causing me to adopt a sense of confusion whenever their names were mentioned, just became one of my favourite bands. I am of course talking about the warpaint and leather-clad Hollywood quintet, Black Veil Brides.
 At this point, it is likely that I may have lost the respect of much of my mysterious audience. My thoughts take these forms as BVB are a band, who have generated a lot of hatred, as you may find on almost every music website, for various reasons. Their stage appearance, loyal fanbase made up largely of teenage girls (The BVB Army) and their positive and chirpy attitudes they display in interviews has encouraged such words towards their name as "posers", "wankers" and "faggots". Then others, just don't like their music, which is fair enough until one realizes the joy many people seem to have in posting their hatred towards them anywhere they can. The Kerrang! website comment boards for any BVB story can be an incredibly depressing place with comments such as this from station33 popping up:

 "Fuck off ur shite no matter what u do u'll never be legendary u'll never be one of the greats that gets remembered if u split up or if u all die o stop making shit tunes and leave it 2 the people that can play music"

 However I can not agree with dear station33. Black Veil Brides are an incredibly talented band, with a sound that is almost difficult to describe. I was going to go with Thrash Metal/Metalcore (Thrashcore?) -inspired, Glam soaked Hard Rock, but that doesn't exactly roll of the tongue too easily. In interviews, they often refer to hard rock legends KISS being their main influence, and this can be heard clearly with frontman Andy Biersack's vocals having a close resemblance to those of Paul Stanley, and the wailing guitar sound created by Jake Pitts, which gives a huge shout out to 80's glam-metal. Anyway, the track that particularly drew me to them was their latest video hit,"The Legacy", which sounds a little like something Avenged Sevenfold or perhaps Atreyu would have created. This thrashcore (I'm gonna go with that term for now) inspired hard rock, is particularly prevalent on the bands latest release, "Set the World On Fire", rather than their previous album "We Stitch These Wounds" which featured more in the way of Emo music. Both are very enjoyable, but "Set the World On Fire" is so much more extreme and packed with adrenaline, which ultimately is a more appealing factor.
 So call me a loser, a scene kid, a fag, whatever you want if you don't approve of me liking this band, but after eight months of looking at magazine interviews, hearing songs and reading negative comments, after eight months of "I guess they're okay"'s and generally unsure feeling towards them, after all this time of that, it has taken one week and now, it's obvious that the Black Veil Brides have found themselves a new fan, a new recruitment to the BVB Army, in the form of me.

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