Friday, 26 August 2011

Florence + The Machine - What the Water Gave Me

 Back in 2009, the hearts and minds of the British pop music loving public were captured by the obscure and totally unique artful indie rock that the BBC introduced to us in the form of singer Florence Welch and her wonderful backing machine with the release of their debut Lungs, a collection of sometimes tranquil, sometimes bitter, often lyrically bleak and bizarre and fully captivating indie rock. Consequently, the band were on everyones lips. Several tracks from the album received mass amounts of radio airplay, the group were awarded with the Best Album Award at the 2010 Brit awards and their popularity managed to spread worldwide.
 It was great to see a group so different and out-of-the-ordinary rise to such levels of success, however as a consequence, their always was a longing sense of fear of what this success would do to them. Would other members grow a sense of resentment due to the mass amount of attention being focused purely on Welch as she grew major celebrity status? Maybe being major superstars in the world of chart music may affect them negatively. Welch's collaboration with rapper Dizzee Rascal on the mashup You've Got the Dirtee Love implied this may happen. However, I've been thankfully proven wrong, as new single What the Water Gave Me shows Florence + The Machine sounding as strong and original as ever.
 What the Water Gave Me takes listeners on a musically atmospheric journey. The song creates a chilling and eerie soundscape instantly creating a feeling of awful mystery and despair, the chilling feel is emphasized by Welch's serene and ethereal vocals. Already, the feeling of awe and suspense the listener feels makes the song fantastic, when a sudden bridge of the song appears as a harp begins playing and things change. A more prosperous feel begins to emerge in the music. And then riffs start to kick in. Riffs kick in and we are transported from this atmosphere of despair and doom to an overall feeling of hope and prosperity which simply lifts one's spirits and it becomes a song of celebration. A song one can dance to. It's simply amazing.
 I'm glad to say that their masses of success have not changed the group one bit. What the Water Gave Me truly shows Florence + The Machine doing what they do best.

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