Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jesus! I've reached a milestone!

 Well, looking on my blog now, I've just realized that I have reached the ultimate target of 1000 views. And all I can say is, this is an absolute honour. The fact that I have reached a milestone that I thought I could never reach in a million years in just three months in just astonishing.
 I have a lot of people to thank for making all this possible. First theirs all those who made this blog possible in the first place. My geography teacher, Miss Stewart, for giving me the original idea to set up a blog in the first place who, with the help of some good friends, Callum and Sylvie helped me set this up, you are all part of the stimulus to Ramblings of a Rock Fan.
 As things have come along, and this blog progressed, I have many more people to thank for their incredible support and help in promoting me along the way. I have my loving family to thank for this, my Mum, my Dad and my sister Cara, as well as some good friends, Megan, Russell (Beany), Steven and Patrick and also my other geography teacher, Miss Quigley, who would tell anyone about my blog and stop to ask how things are going. You all really helped to get the ball rolling for me.
 Also, on my list of thanks, for giving me my main piece of inspiration to begin writing about events in the rock world and reviewing new music, for introducing me to an entire range of new music I never would have found on my own and for recently promoting my Ramblings to crowds of masses, my thanks go to Kerrang! magazine. The impact that has been left on my life by the weekly magazine allowing fans of Rock, punk and metal from across the world to unite for their common interest. The impact you have left on me is unforgettable and has changed by life, most certainly for the better.
 Finally my thanks go to the world of Rock music itself. You allow me to see the craziest people do the craziest of things and release the best of music which keeps this blog increasingly relevant and gives me a fresh topic to write about almost daily.
 My heart goes out to everyone who has had the time, patience and interest to read these ramblings from me, a Rock Fan, and let's hope these ramblings have a long and prosperous future and hope we see many more thousands of views.

 Until then, it's back to business \m/

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