Friday, 15 July 2011

Blink-182 - "Up All Night"

After being the topic of an excellent rant, I think it's time to spread some positivity about Pop-Punk heroes Blink-182, as they release their catchy new single "Up All Night". Musically and lyrically, the single carries a sense of maturity and experimentalism that makes it a perfect fit for their 2003 self-titled fifth album, therefore showing a sense of further evolution, rather than returning to songs filled with crude schoolboy humour that graced every other album of theirs as a way to connect with their past. The song contains many features for a great 2003 Blink-182 song, jagged, heavy and funky guitar playing from Tom DeLonge, catchy and danceable drum beats from Travis Barker, as well as an odd sounding keyboard maintaing a sense of rhythm in the background.
As I say however, it is a perfect 2003 Blink-182 song, so if you're looking for something fresh sounding from them, this may not be a great example of a new track. If you are looking for more of the catchy Pop-Punk sound that Blink-182 have come to be loved for however, then I think you're going to love "Up All Night". It is certainly an exciting preview of an album that a lot of good people have been waiting for for a very long time.

Check "Up All Night" out on the link below.

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