Thursday, 14 July 2011

Incubus - If Not Now, When?

Californian once Nu-Metallers, now Pop-Rockers Incubus have returned with their seventh studio album, "If Not Now, When?" and if, like me your initial and main experience of Incubus was hearing their 1999 album "Make Yourself", you will find this album to be something very different from what you're used to. Over the years Incubus have dropped their initial Nu Metal sound and adopted this Pop-Rock approach and it is very clearly found on "If Not Now, When?", with the album's title track sounding like a slower song from a Kings of Leon album. "If Not Now, When?" is a much more laid back album than the hard-hitting "Make Yourself", which is much more closer to "Morning View", without the heavy guitars. Somewhat off-putting is that at times the the band sound like a decent version of all those annoying Pop groups such as Maroon 5 and Train. A personal favourite would be "Thieves" with a funky keyboard rhythm that one may relax or dance to. Overall, as Pop-Rock albums "If Not Now, When?" is something of a masterpiece and continues to show the evolution of Incubus from a wild Hard Rock band into a calmer relaxed Pop-Rock group who make songs for people to chill out and dance to. In fact fans could have an Incubus marathon and "If Not Now, When?" could be used as an effective and enjoyable way to relax after going crazy to the bands earlier work, therefore allowing fans to have a decent experience of the full work of Incubus.

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