Thursday, 21 July 2011

Snow Patrol - "Called Out in the Dark"

A friend of mine once referred to Irish(?) britpop lads Snow Patrol as being a "meh" band in the sense that they were generic, unexciting and repetitive. While I've never agreed, it seems that there are many who have shared this view. It is perhaps for this reason that the band have tried something a little different for their latest single "Called Out in the Dark". Basically they've created a techno rock song which puts me in a situation where the only band that I could possibly compare them to for this track is The Bloodhound Gang. And does not suit them.
Taking from their soon-to-be-released EP of the same name, "Called Out in the Dark" is made with the intent to be an electronica infused pop rock song with some acoustics thrown in, assumably for a more organic touch and it's not their style. This sounds more like something I would hear from a band like Noah and the Whale or any other of those uplifting sappy pop rock types.
Now, I'm not criticizing them for a change of style and I admire their sense of experimentalism, but they could surely deliver the same kind of passion we've seen on previous efforts such as "Final Straw" and "Eyes Open". Instead all that is found on "Called Out in the Dark" is a bog-standard uplifting pop-rock tune, which actually can be described best as "meh".

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