Saturday, 9 July 2011

Not to sound bitter, but...

Last night, after a day of touring the charming city of Copenhagen, seeing sights from a tour bus, during the pouring rain and getting bizarre looking photographs as a result, my Dad decided we ought to go to a bar and relax. This seemed fine. The bar was relaxing and I even had some Carlsberg. However, the entire time, a live band, whom I believe were named The Dishwashers, or something equally as terrible, were playing and they were horrendously bad. They played with the personality of what one may refer to as a "Shoegaze" band and spent the entire night playing mediocre covers of songs by Tom Petty, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Eric Clapton... you get the picture, at various points forgetting the words to songs, and pronouncing Tucson and "Tuck-son" while covering The Beatles' "Get Back". Though they were a decent pub band, who are unlikely to move on from that circuit and many were satisfied with their performance, there is a certain fact which made me really, really hate them.
If my original plan for the summer had worked out I would have spent last night at the Sonisphere festival at Kenbworth watching Metallica.
My previous annoyance wasn't exactly healed in any way, this morning when I read Metallica's set list for last night's performance, and what a beautiful set list it was. Hit the Lights, Master of Puppets, The Shortest Straw, Seek & Destroy, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Ride the Lightning, The Memory Remains, All Nightmare Long, Sad But True, The Call of Ktulu, One, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Blackened, Fade to Black, Enter Sandman, Am I Evil? (Featuring Diamond Head, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax), Battery and Creeping Death. And I watched some pub band getting the words to "I Shot the Sheriff" wrong. So, it can be argued that various things of this has made me a teensy bit jealous. First off, Battery, .y favourite Metallica song. The sheer power, which makes up the intro, the blistering riffs and the guitar solo which I can only think to describe as epic. This song was played as part of the encore. It hadn't been featured at any of their other Sonisphere shows, which makes their UK performance increasingly fantastic compared to the others. Also, the one newer song of theirs that the band chose to focus on was again my favourite of their newer songs, All Nightmare Long. I enjoy this for the similar reasons why I enjoy Battery, however the power and speed with which this track is played seems top be doubled. I have also missed the chance to see The actual Big 4 performing "Am I Evil?" on stage all at once and not only did that happen but they had Diamond Head join in as well? Good lord! This was surely the show of a lifetime.
However, I'm having a great time in Copenhagen, touring famous places and visiting theme parks and there's plenty more Sonisphere for me to miss, including missing sets from All Time Low, You Me At Six, Mot├Ârhead, Mastodon, Volbeat, Cancer Bats, Alestorm, Opeth, Weezer, Bill Bailey, Limp Bizkit and of course the triumphant return to the UK from Slipknot. So, yeah, I'll be fine, I'm sure there's plenty more pub bands to see in the time being. I have to go now. (Proceeds to cry in the shower, as it is running)

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