Friday, 15 July 2011

Trivium - "Inception of the End"

And now for something completely different. Also today metalcore titans, Trivium have released another song from their highly anticipated new album, "In Waves". It's called "Inception of the End". And it's awesome. "Inception of the End" is much more thrash metal inspired than previous single "In Waves" but still manages to make excellent use of metalcore-esque breakdowns. Many references could be made to work from "Ascendancy" and "The Crusade" to describe this single but to tell the truth, the song is very fresh and unlike anything I've heard from Trivium before. The song, therefore shows a further sense of evolution for this band (a recurring theme of late) and it is a very positive sound. Matt Heafy also unleashes a large amount of scream vocals as well, which is always cool. Overall, "Inception of the End" shows us more of Trivium's thrash-infused metalcore which "In Waves" has specialized in and, frankly lets me know that pre-ordering the album was a good choice.

To justify the good choice in purchasing the album, "Inception of the End" is available on the link below.

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