Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Suicide Silence - "The Black Crown"

"The Black Crown" is the third outing from deathcore titans Suicide Silence. It's fair to say, however that they haven't done much to reinvent themselves and the album once again revisits the furious riff-work and brutal breakdown workout that tore through 2009's "No Time to Bleed". However, this style works very well on "The Black Crown" and helps emphasize the the dark feelings of suffering and despair heard throughout the albums, also emphasized by Mitch Lucker's mixture of high pitched screeches and death growls. This guitar pummeling from Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun creates an atmosphere of brutality which sometimes gets a little creepy and  and doomy as well, a good example being on the track "O.C.D", with an incredibly doomy guitar solo.
Another recurring sound on the album is an unexpected (although reading their lists of influences it ought not to be) Nu Metal influence heard throughout the album, with tracks like "Human Violence" being reminiscent to older works of Slipknot and "You Only Live Once" reminding me of a more deathly version of something from Machine Head's "Through the Ashes of Empires". Also "Fuck Everything" sounds like what could be the result of if Linkin Park had chosen to experiment with death metal back in 2000. The pinnacle of the Nu Metal influence comes with the collaboration with Korn's Jonathan Davis on "Witness the Addiction" where Davis' vocals offer something of an uplifting feeling for their tone, despite also being incredibly creepy. 
Don't worry if you're looking for more deathly material. The wild deathly fury on "Smashed" is aided by Suffocation' Frank Mullen's violent death growls also featuring a guitar solo like one would hear in a Deicide song.
Overall, Suicide Silence haven't exactly reinvented themselves on "The Black Crown" but if you're looking for more violent rage-fueled doomy deathcore madness, this album is definitely worth a listen.

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