Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kasabian - "Switchblade Smiles"

A sign of a good song from Leicestershire Alt-Rockers Kasabian is if you are able to describe it as "zany". Good thing then that this is how I'd describe their newly released tracks "Switchblade Smiles".
"Switchblade Smiles" has the grimey indie rock sound that was heard on 2009's "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" through the grunge like guitar work from Sergio Pizzorno and is also as synth-heavy as tracks various tracks on their debut album. Especially during the intro of the track making use of synthesizers and creating a sound that could receive comparisons to the outro of Franz Ferdinand's "Lucid Dreams", a track which I believe was helped out by Dan the Automator, the producer of Kasabian's "Velociraptor!", a possible explanation for the sound. It is a particularly effective intro however. The repetition of the synth makes it sound like something is trying to burst out and sure enough, it then bursts into a catchy, sludgy synth-rock frenzy.
In that sense, "Switchblade Smiles" is a good example of Kasabian at what they do best.

Check it out below, see what you think.

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