Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nick Oliveri arrested for domestic violence. Can I still look up to him?

I've recently become to feel a sense of disappointment about various talented musicians and the way they act as it shows them not be far from inspirational as role models and gives a bad name to their work. Why? Because rock musicians have been doing some ridiculous crap that gets them arrested as of late.
This morning I woke to discover former Queens of the Stone Age and current Kyuss Lives! bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested following a five hour standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department. On reading the headline, a great feeling of shock, worry and confusion entered my head, resulting in me saying "What the fuck?". The last time I heard about anyone having a standoff with police, it was the during the Northumbria shootings. So as one could imagine, I was somewhat scared now that Oliveri had shot someone. He was actually charged with domestic violence after concerned neighbors informed the LAPD that Oliveri and his girlfriend had gotten into a heated argument and Oliveri prevented her from leaving his home. Once police showed up, the bassist would not allow them into his home nor let his girlfriend leave, resulting in a five hour standoff before Oliveri eventually gave himself up to the police. Nick was released from prison on a $100,000  bail and a court hearing is to be set. As I say, this left me in shock. Although he's done some wild exploits in the past, he hasn't actually done anything that would cause him to gather a large amount of hatred from the public. He can't become a hate figure that it would be shameful to look up to. He payed bass in the coolest modern rock and roll band ever! His scream vocals on QOTSA's "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire" have inspired me along with various others to try out such vocals myself. Furthermore I'm really getting into Kyuss now and have been searching everywhere to find a copy of "Blues for the Red Sun". Now I'll probably get dirty looks if I find and buy it.
Either way, I'm sure this won't be the prime example of the work of a musician becoming less popular due to the actions of the artist. The best example of that will always be with Gary Glitter. Perhaps it will be okay for me to look up to Nick Oliveri for his scream vocals and bass work and not try and copy his lifestyles. Admittedly, in looking up to a musician his attitude and lifestyle has started to rub onto me. But that's okay, because it's those of Nick Oliveri's former buddy Josh Homme. And he's just cool. Yeah.

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