Thursday, 1 September 2011

Allowing a quiz to determine what kind of Rock fan I am...

 Okay, so what do we have in this weeks Kerrang!? One of those cool little quiz things where you answer multiple choice questions to get to some kind of result which determines in this quiz what type of Rock fan you are. Well, this blog is all about me being a rock fan so I'd better give it a go. Basically, I haven't looked at it so far, so as I write this I'm reading the questions so I can be really excited whilst blogging, a rarity, as excitement and blogging are generally not concepts that mix well together. Anyway, here goes...

 You wake up at 8 A.M. How do you feel?
 If I've woken up at 8 A.M, that means I've overslept. Seriously, I get up around 6: 45 A.M. to get ready for school, and on weekends I'm up at 6:30 A.M. to have a morning run. So if I'm up at 8.A.M. then I've had some extra sleep, so I'll go with "Pumped, bro!" as my answer.

 Keeping fit: weight lifting or FIFA?
 I'm gonna have to go with weight lifting. I'll have a session at my school gym whenever possible so I delve into that kind of activity. Plus I'd prefer that to FIFA anyday. The only thing I can think of that's duller than football are football video games. Next!

 Is music best when it's quick and unfussy, or proggy and long?
 Woah, that's difficult now. I enjoy a good mixture of both. I like Led Zeppelin just as much as I like The Ramones, it's a little confusing as, so far this quiz has caused me to think about running and working out in the gym and in that case I'd rather have a quick paced and heavy song rather than a dwindling 20 minute epic. Too difficult to decide but I'll look at it this way. I prefer Zeppelin to The Ramones, so we'll go with the long option.

 Do you feel weird having the same hair colour two days running?
 I really wish I could say yes to that question, that would be awesome, however saying yes to that would probably result in suspension from school and I'm in my last year I may as well finish it. So I will remain fine with having the same hair colour for months on end. No.

 Would you rather be in Beverly Hills or Surrey Hills?
 If I choose the first option I get the feeling I'm going to become a fan of Weezer. I should say at the point of writing this I still haven't peeked at all the possible results. Difficult, difficult indeed. Do I want the sunshine, glory, glamour and celebrity and joy of living in L.A. by residing in Beverly Hills, or do I want Surrey,  a place I don't even know a whole lot about other than that it's the hometown of the band I'm likely to become a band of if I choose Surrey. Well, a tough choice but I'll have to go with Beverly Hills.

Bump fists or bro hugs?
 The whole bro culture that is more popular in the U.S. has never been something I've found very attractive. I'd rather just give normal hugs, without being one of those freaky festival goers who offer free hugs. Creepy. I'll go with the fist bump. That can be pretty cool sometimes.

 Widdly solos?
 "Fuck yeah!"

 So, having done the quiz, the result I've been given is... Oh thank god! I'm an Avenger. That's made me incredibly happy, with Avenged Sevenfold being one of my favourite bands ever and all. And I suppose a lot of the choices are kind of typical of the lifestyles of the band. M. Shadows clearly stays in shape and has been seen in the past to do some weightlifting. Synyster Gates has created some of the most extreme widdly solos ever, and they all kind of have the glitzy Beverly Hills lifestyle. That's awesome. I'm totally satisfied now, what a great end to a great day.

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