Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review: Anthrax cover New Noise

 Figured today would be a good opportunity to see if any new tracks from Worship Music, the upcoming album from New York thrash legends, Anthrax. Only one new track has surface though and believe me, when I saw this was on the album, I was excited. The album features a bonus track, which is a cover of what else, but New Noise, the standout track from one of the most influential albums on modern rock, The Shape of Punk to Come, by Refused.
 In essence, Anthrax keep to the structure and rhythm of the original, apart from a change of key. However, Anthrax maintain a sense of uniqueness, by keeping to their heavy and thrashy style while performing as well as bringing in an arguably greater sense of passion, best demonstrated through the sheer power of Joey Belladonna's melodic vocals, used as a way to create a similar force to the screams of Dennis Lyxz√©n, and of course Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano keep the guitar work pounding and blistering rather than the more straightforward punk riffs in the original.
 So, Anthrax perform this song really well, and they do make it their own in the way that they pack more of a punch of thrash and energy. I wouldn't say it's better than the original though. There was a real charm in the laid back and effortlessness of the original. However, it's great to see the song finally being paid homage to, especially when it's by such legendary figures as Anthrax.

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