Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review: Blink-182 - After Midnight

 Blink-182 just seem to keep popping up here don't they? Wether you like them or not, it's become pretty clear that the Californian pop punk trio's sixth studio release Neighborhoods will be the most anticipated rock release of the year when it comes out on the 27th. After everything, from the 8 years without hearing anything new, to the three years spent recording and the mass pullouts of UK tours to complete the making of the album. So far the tracks revealed from the album have kept to frontman Tom DeLonge's promise that Neighborhoods will combine elements from all of Blink's previous work and has increased the anticipation toward the album, so we have more to keep fans on their toes in the form of the second single released from the album After Midnight.
 After Midnight, is much closer to the work produced on 2003's self-titled album than the other track thus far, as it much slower and less hard hitting, with more of an emotional centre, but more catchy than the kind of slow emotional tracks found on 2003's album.
 All there is to say is that alongside the two other tracks released from Neighborhoods so far, Up All Night and Heart's All Gone, After Midnight manages to show that Blink-182 have been hard at work during their time away, and have made some catchy, well thought through and overall enjoyable rock music that has put even the cruelest of cynics (me) in their place. I can't wait to hear Neighborhoods in full.

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