Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Review: SuperHeavy - SuperHeavy

 With a lineup featuring some huge names in music today, surprisingly little reaction has been made to the group that is SuperHeavy. A project that started following discussions by overall rock icon Mick Jagger, R n' B singer Joss Stone and former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart regarding collaborating together back in 2009. Following more discussions, reggae artist Damian Marley, youngest son of reggae legend Bob Marley and composer and Bollywood artist A.R Rahman were recruited and together, the five of them came up with a set of songs that have now been revealed to the public after much secret recording.
 On SuperHeavy no two songs are the same, as each member brings to the mix various elements of the genre they are famous for. Jagger brings in elements of blues and rock and roll, playing a gripping array of crunchy and laid back guitar riffs, and maintains the powerful rock and roll vocals we've grown to love him for using in The Rolling Stones. Stone's sassy R n' B vocals sound great when accompanied by Jagger's guitar playing and shows a more rock n' roll side to her musically. Both her and Jagger's vocals are fitting during the frequent moments in which Damian Marley and his rhythm section including bassist Shia Coore and drummer Courtney Diedrick take over, which also provides fun and laid back sections throughout the album and Marley's reggae vocals and rapping provide a similar feeling of positivity.
 Often,a dramatic song backdrop is provided by the composing of A.R Rahman who often provides non- English lyrics. His vocals and composing manages to give many songs an greater sense of depth and atmosphere, and also manages to create a similarly fun sound when a Bollywood inspired rhythm in any songs.
 Surprisingly, the most extreme moments of the album can be found when the main rhythm and backdrop making is controlled by Dave Stewart, who creates a techno inspired sound through the use of keyboards and synth drums. My favourite track on the album Energy sees this put best into action, where alongside Jagger's rock n' roll guitar and rapping from Marley and... yes Jagger, sees the creation of a really cool rap rock song.
 So on the whole SuperHeavy sees the coming together of various well loved musicians just doing what they all do best and blending all of that together to make a sweet collection of songs and the results of such a collaboration are very enjoyable.

 SuperHeavy's self titled album is out now via A&M records.

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