Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review: Primus - Green Naughahyde

 Admittedly, my knowledge of Primus is limited, and I sort of get the feeling that was a mistake to make before listening to new album, Green Naughahyde their fist following a twelve year hiatus. It's pretty obvious that the Californian trio have an acquired taste, and are best suited for... lunatics. And Green Naughahyde is an album made for the lunatic fanbase, while leaving everyone else in a state of utter confusion and speechlessness. 
 Not that one who hasn't had previous experience of the band is entirely left out in the cold while listening. The funk rock found is extremely and catchy and listeners will find themselves dancing in some way while it's on, no matter who they are or how hard they try not to. But there's so much more to this than you'd find in the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
 Elements of this album are far more trippy and the sheer contrast of sound between each song leaves one simply curious of what to find throughout the thirteen tracks. Though catchy and funky, a lot of the songs actually manage to create a contrasting feel to the structure as a brooding and often unsettling atmosphere is created, due to the stretched out, haunting basslines and often chilling, bizarre, rapid paced vocals from frontman, Les Claypool, which has a lasting effect on listeners. The combination of the these various elements has to be best demonstrated on the track Jilly's On Smack.
 Actually at times, a rather jolly atmosphere can be created, such as on Lee Van Cleef which mixed with the talent of Claypool sounds like the soundtrack to a very joyful get together of... stoned lunatics.
 Overall, while remaining one of the weirder albums I've heard in my times, the uniqueness and dynamism of Green Naughahyde has to be admired. It's not often that funk rock be used as a way to stir up emotion or a way to create an ever-changing soundscape which can often dwell on more negative feelings, which makes it so much more engaging than other bands of a similar genre who just create repetitive feel good anthems. As freaky as it is this album is actually a pretty cool listen. Wether I'll listen to any more of their stuff is a different matter. Of course I will. My friend Patrick loves them and has an iPod full of them. Tomorrow's bus journey's likely to be freaky one. However, for now, the lunatic fan base can hold onto them.

 Primus' Green Naughahyde is released on 12th September via Prawn Song Records

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