Saturday, 24 September 2011

Can't think of a decent post to write to celebrate 20 years of Nevermind

 Sorry fellow rock fans. As the classic 1991 release of Nirvana's phenomenal Nevermind celebrates its 20th anniversary today, I really should have come up with some massive documentary post explaining how it changed the face of rock as we know know it with it's powerful and then unique grunge sound. But I'm really clueless of anything I could bring to the party table that hasn't been delivered before. It all seems a bit irrelevant. I plan to spend a lot of my day listening to the album though, as well as possibly popping up with the odd new review but I can't find anything new to say about it.
 I recommend Kerrang!'s mass feature regarding the anniversary in this weeks issue. That really documents the release of the album and the effect it's had on rock in general with some interesting facts that I was previously unaware plus some thoughts on the album from some of the biggest names to be influenced by the album.
 One point I will make about the occasion is as follows: Smells Like Teen Spirit is no longer in it's teens!!!!
 Also, my post about not being able to think of a good post to write is all to similar to how On a Plain was written. Wow, I'm so very able to connect.
 And so I leave you with my favourite non-single song from the album. Have a good day with Nevermind guys.

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