Saturday, 17 September 2011

Review: Evanescence - Made of Stone

 As the release for goth rockers Evanescence's self titled comeback album draws closer and closer, fans are treated to more anticipation in the form of new track, Made of Stone.
 From the start of the song, Made of Stone displays the kind of gothic nu metal sound displayed on 2003's Fallen, similar to single Going Under. Sadly, despite a similarity, Made of Stone seems rather lacking. It's not got the same passion and power that Going Under had, although it seems like it's really trying to live up to it, adopting similar characteristics to that song, such as adopting a short and sweet guitar solo and stripped down moments featuring only a piano backdrop. The best feature of the song would have to be central peace that is the powerful and entrancing vocal of Amy Lee, which really manage to captivate listeners and display Lee's self of gothic strength and independence and sense of overcoming times of strife and vulnerability. However, the song falters at the actual music itself, it's overused nu metal riffs feel lacking in substance and sounds like the instrumental for a song that was rejected from Disturbed's Believe.
 Hopefully, the rest of the album features less songs like this and more of the quality of lead single What You Want.

 Evanescence's third self titled album will be released on the 11th of October via Wind-up Records. The band will tour the UK in November.

Hear the track here.

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