Thursday, 15 September 2011

Review: Megadeth - Public Enemy No. 1

 Things seem to be going well enough on the thrash scene this year, so now it's time for genre veterans Megadeth to offer the first of their grand contribution that shall arrive in full in the form of new album Thirteen, or TH1RT3EN to be more precise in November. To anticipate us they have released a new track, Public Enemy No. 1.
 As soon as the speedy adrenaline fueled riffs kick in to action, Public Enemy No. 1 sounds reminiscent of the bands work on 1990's Rust in Peace. And from there the song plays in a similar vein. It's an intense, sterile thrash beatdown that would make the perfect soundtrack to a killing spree, musically and lyrically. In fact on viewing the comment section for the songs Youtube video, a statement from user MinionOfDeth2112 reads "Hey anyone else have a sudden urge to play some GTA right now? LOL" Joking aside, that's actually a pretty good way to think of it. The song would probably make a suiting soundtrack to one of those Grand Theft Auto gameplay videos ("You won't believe all the things I've done/ And the killing was just for fun" Yup. Sounds like GTA to me.)
 The bands aggressive delivery of the song really helps emphasize the message of fury and insanity it contains. Dave Mustaine's recent deeper vocals make him sound much more evil, making his voice the perfect for the lyrics of a killer, plus the frantic guitar playing from him and Chris Broderick really brings together the feeling of wildness and madness. It's also great to hear returning bassist and founding member Dave Ellefson's bassline sounding as thunderous as ever.
 Public Enemy No.1 has the sound of a classic Megadeth song... because it sounds like a good song to kill people to.

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