Saturday, 10 September 2011

Review: Hawthorne Heights - Hate

 Hate is the first in a series of EP releases from aggressive Ohio emo rockers, Hawthorne Heights, and is a great place to look for a collection of furious aggression fueled and bleak hardcore emo anthems.
 To describe the songs on this EP, as much as it pains me to do so, I'm going to have to use the term "Screamo", because the tracks on Hate contain the melancholy and lyrical features of anger, solitude and of course, hate that is seen in Emo music which is played with much hardcore brutality making effective use of breakdowns and screamed vocals to make it that bit edgier than your regular emo, and there hasn't been any better term made for this style of music... so Screamo it is.
 Some tracks carry this feeling of hatred and anger in a slowed down, dwindling, bleak fashion such as Is This What You Wanted?. In other tracks the aggression is brought out in a furious hardcore pop punk assault, best seen in Wasted in NYC which has the musical properties of a brutal version of Paramore. However the best bands that Hate could be compared to are fellow... screamo bands such as Senses Fail and The Used. But most of all can be comparable to the bands earlier work.
 Overall, Hate is very much an EP that lives up to it's name. Hawthorne Heights deliver a crushing hardcore experience bursting with raw passion and emotion which dwells on many feelings of self-hatred and hatred of everyone else. It's a textbook example of... screamo music.

 Hawthorne Heights' Hate is out now via Cardboard Empire.

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