Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review: Coldplay - Paradise

 The latest single from London alt rock superstars, Coldplay Paradise, taken from their upcoming fifth album Mylo Xyloto has been revealed to the public for a day now and having listened to it, I feel a little unsure of why I'm writing about this for a rock music blog.
 I mean, I doubt I would talk about the music of Keane or MGMT on this blog, as I would never consider anything they've made in the past to be rock, and this single is very close to the style of those groups. I suppose Coldplay have played as a rock band throughout their eleven year recording career and once a rock band, always a rock band I suppose.
 Paradise carries little elements of a rock song. I can only point out a minimal use of guitar near the end of the song. However it serves as a good illustration of the direction in which alternative rock seems to be heading in terms of achieving a poppier sound. The song makes more effective use of piano (obviously), violin's and the fuzzy synthesizer sound that is cropping up on many songs taken from this new album.
 Like the music created by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Paradise is a track obviously made for radio play. At least Coldplay manage to do this right though. The song is much more soulful and substantial and has an incredibly catchy chorus section.
 Paradise is a very pretty song which carries a sense of unique charm about it. It doesn't really inspire me to buy their new album though. Especially since it's likely I'll be hearing it on the radio for the next few months to come.

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