Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review: Aiden - Broken Bones

 Seattle horror punk rockers Aiden have been particularly hard working as of late. Having already released their brilliant fifth album Disguises in March, they have spent all their time since recording it's follow up Some Kind of Hate, set for release on the 25th of October. For now one song has been released to anticipate listeners, known as Broken Bones.
 With an intense punk rock feel overall, Broken Bones is pretty much the definitive Aiden sound, and shows them returning tho their punk rock roots rather than their 2007 attempts to make alt rock on Conviction. However, their is a feeling of something lacking. It doesn't feel as chilling and angry as what fans have come to love them for. It's not nearly as aggressive as anything from Our Gang's Dark Oath or even Disguises and on the whole contains a rather uplifting feel about it.
 But it's a catchy punk rock song, which can never be too bad. On the whole it leaves listeners looking for something more to find on Some Kind of Hate. Perhaps something a little more substantial.

 Aiden's Some Kind of Hate will be released on the 25th of October.

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