Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: Wednesday 13 - Calling All Corpses

 If he's not playing in one of his numerous bands, the most notable of which would be horror punks, Murderdolls, Wednesday 13 likes to do his own solo stuff, seeing him create a freakier and sillier version of the music of The Ramones and latest offering Calling All Corpses is no exception. Well, it's been released twenty days before the 31st of the month and it's clearly intended to be a little something for Halloween, so I guess it could be used as the soundtrack for a cool Halloween party.

 It's big, bold pretty silly and overall a fun punk rock album that you just want to jump around to. Were you expecting anything more? It's a like a frantic rush of sugar from rotting Halloween candy takes over the listeners, plunging them into a world of off-the-wall jagged-riff fun! Throughout, Wednesday 13 rips through his songs with vocals that sound like Alice Cooper on steroids and the kind of energy that would be produced by the same drug. It's creepy, kooky, scary, spooky, punky, raw and hard. And nothing else.
 There's little else to the album in the way of variety, just a collection of pun-filled horror punk. So, as you'd imagine, it gets a bit repetitive after a while, making it difficult to pick a highlight or find anything that truly stands out. But seriously, it's Wednesday 13, a guy known for making music with an air of camp B-movie horror in mind. He's released an album near Halloween that features an album cover that looks like the invitation for a spoilt child's Halloween party. So the repetition of style is hardly a letdown. I wasn't exactly expecting him to come out with The Wall.
 So all in all, Calling All Corpses is an okay album and suiting for the time of it's release. I'd perhaps recommend downloading just one or two tracks, to play at your Halloween party. That's all you really need this album for.

 Wednesday 13's Calling All Corpses is out now. Wednesday 13 will tour the UK with Michael Monroe in November.

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