Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Song review: Megadeth - Black Swan

 For reasons that should become obvious, it's great to be hearing new stuff from classic masters of thrash metal Megadeth. As a way to furthaer anticipate fans for the release of new album Thirteen, the band have released new song Black Swan. Originally serving as a bonus track for those who pre-ordered 2007's United Abomiations  through the band's fan-club, Black Swan can deservedly make it's way to a larger audience.
 Simply, Black Swan is a basic thrash metal song, filled with Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick's needle-jagged riffs, and screaming dueling giutars. Still, it's twisted enough to be it's own beast and maintain a sense of uniqueness in the mass back catologue of songs following a similar formula. It also shows an improvement in Mustaine's vocals, displaying a purer more melodic style, rather than his more recent spout of evil spoken vocals that were ever-present on 2009's Endgame and on Public Enemy No. 1 which will also appear on Thirteen.
 So, the ultimate verdict would be that though this isn't anything I could truly consider special or their best work, Black Swan shows Megadeth doing what we love them for with ease. Many seem to believe the bonus track on United Abominations was better. I wouldn't be able to comment however. But I'm very happy to hear a traditional thrash metal band from a classic practioner from the genre for as I say an obvious reason. Tomorrow I review... Lulu.

Megadeth's Thirteen will be released on the 1st November via Roadrunner.

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