Saturday, 29 October 2011

Review: Insomnium - One for Sorrow

 Since 2002, Joensuu metaleers Insomnium have delivered a style of metal that is extreme and brutal beyonds words but remains rooted in utter bleakness and despair. It's always been able to create an intense atmosphere which triggers a reaction of pure awe and appreciation. On latest release One for Sorrow, a similar response is made from listeners, but to a greater level, because this album is truly awesome.

 One thing that makes this album so beautiful is the way that while a sense of bleakness is extremely prominent throughout the course of ten songs, created through Ville Friman and Ville Vänni's axe shredding which pretty much pummels listeners into oblivion, plus the morbid growling of Niilo Sevänen, which has the ability of dragging listeners dow into Hell, but within all this misery, One for Sorrow is far from being all doom and gloom. In fact the overall atmosphere this album makes is one that is very uplifting and heart warming, which possesses a spirit, which is not to dwell in the total bleakness but rather to rise above it and fight back.
 This feeling is present in such tracks as the overwhelmingly powerful Song of the Blackest Bird which hits listeners hard with a depressing feel but also builds up a sense of inner stength as chorus patterns and solo sections present the idea of this darkness being blasted away for new light. The fighting back spirit is also present in the much angrier Every Hour Wounds which packs an extreme engery that provides the kind of furious and strong state of mind that I've come to expect more from Lamb of God, rather than a band known for creating music intended for sadness.
 Now lyrics are never something that I dwell on too much, but in spite of the uplifting nature of the music, the lyrics are very much rooted in a sense of doom ("And gently Death will speak/ Softly Death will hum and whisper:/ 'Fly again my bird, fly again over the world'").
 One for Sorrow, if you listen for the music is actually an album that will lift one's spirit if it is listened to properly. It shows a real talent of melodic death metal, which carries a sense of class and beauty at the same time. So, musically this album could be used as something to listen to following a bad day. It will surely help you combat all the horror and sorrow of life.

Insomnium's One for Sorrow is out now via Century Media. The band will perform in the UK in November with Before the Dawn and Mygrain.

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