Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review: Exit Ten - Give Me Infinity

 There seems to be a fair amount of hype being made about Reading alt metal crew Exit Ten, that they have the potential to become a landmark modern British rock group alongside Muse, Radiohead and Biffy Clyro. And listening to their second album Give Me Infinity, I guess it's pretty obvious to understand what all the fuss is about.
 From the adrenaline packed bassline and riffs which throws us into opener Life, it's clear that Exit Ten are a band who are going out there to prove what they're worth, and it shortly becomes obvious that this is a group who are worth something. Worth a lot.

 As they effectively mix their influences which spans from Radiohead to Killswitch Engage together,the result ranges from Curtain Call, a blistering and exciting hard rock belter borrowing elements of metalcore and alternative rock, or the more uplifting alternative metal sound of Sunset which carries a reminiscence to influential alternative metal artists Hundred Reasons. In between this, many songs create a dramatic metallic soundscape where listeners can only find themselves transfixed my the intensity and raw and dynamic power and graceful yet hard-hitting flow that Exit Ten blast unto us.
 There is a real beauty and sense of class throughout and each track has it's own unique charm. The beautiful mellow ballad that is Smoke, the life-affirming Suggest a Path and the ethereal hardcore Mountain, everything just comes together to give this album a sense of pure wonder.
 The wonderful sweeping and dreamy style in which the music is executed gives Exit Ten every right to be viewed as an up and coming band full of potential, and listening to Give Me Infinity, it's pretty obvious that these guys are either going to become the new biggest band in the UK are the most undeservedly overlooked bands of the modern age.

 Exit Ten's Give Me Infinity is out now via Deep Burn. The band will tour the UK in November with Fei Comodo and Never Means Maybe.

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