Friday, 7 October 2011

Review: Four Year Strong - Just Drive

 Hardcore pop punk rockers Four Year Strong come bouncing back once more giving us a further preview from their forthcoming new album In Some Way, Shape, or Form in their latest track Just Drive. And it sees them going more serious.
 More serious in the sense of a serious pop punk song, slower paced with a heavier and more emotional core would be an excellent way to describe this song, so it sees them playing less in their rapid hardcore punk with a slower yet reasonably catchy punk song which still manages to be pretty fun despite it's more emotional feel, due to it's positive message of moving along and allowing nothing to hold you back. I suppose it could be thought of as being like a less bitter Fall Out Boy or early You Me At Six song, or even something Blink-182 could have come up with in 2001. With it's hooky riffs and powerful basslines, these are the kinds of bands that came to mind while listening.
 Overall though, it's very catchy and enjoyable and in the world of pop punk music, that makes you a winner.

 Four Year Strong's In Some Way, Shape, or Form will be released on the 11th of November via Decaydance. The band will tour the UK in January.

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