Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: We Are the In Crowd - Best Intentions

 If I'm honest, this isn't an album I've been too excited for listening to. The image of We Are the In Crowd isn't one that's too appealing for me. Fair enough, they loof all bright and cheerful, which is always nice, but I look at We Are the In Crowd and imagine that listening to their album is going to cause me to get suffocated by sweetness and honey. And the idea of that is somewhat unbearable. However, making judgements based on images is no way to live by. I had similar thoughts of having a sugar coated ear massacre before listening to VersaEmerge, but their debut Fixed at Zero, sounding like Paramore meets Nine Inch Nails really taught me that you should never judge a book by it's cover. So, is a similar idea conveyed on We Are the In Crowd's debut Best Intentions?

Well, Best Intentions is certainly sweet in that sense but not to the extent that it's sickeningly sweet. Presenting listeners with a collection of short and slick glossy pop rock songs. However, We Are the In Crowd are a cut above the rest as the pack a heavy and fiery punch with their music that shows a considerable influence on less than cheery feelings both musically and lyrically. On Your Own carries with it an atmosphere of spite and anger, while You've Got it Made takes on a more melancholic and hopeless atmosphere. Needless to say, there is a prominent display of glee on the album. Most notably Kiss Me Again, which some may find to be very uplifting and have an overall pretty sound about it. For others, it may create a result similar to eating too much Haribo Starmix (because they're sweets).
 This parade of emotion is effectively presented to listers by the bands fiery and heavy musical delivery. Taking various electronic elements and mixing it with infectuous hooks and the odd breakdown every now and again, the Poughkeepsie quintet gives listeners a ridiculously catchy pop punk backdrop for their emotional roller coaster, which is possible to headbang to. Also wonderful are the dazzling vocals of Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes, as their soaring voices reammy manage to emphasise the message they want to deliver.
 Best Intentions effectively shows We Are the In Crowd to be a pretty solid and flawless pop rock band and shows them to have real potential and the ability to take the world by storm with their slick pop punk power that only the most miserable of bastards won't be able to get into.

 We Are the In Crowd's Best Intentions is out now via Hopeless Records. The band will tour the UK in January with All Time Low and The Maine.

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