Saturday, 29 October 2011

You should probably check out Shot, Down South.

 I've never really done a feature that focuses on one new band before so I'm hoping this goes well.
 The mixture of fusing elements of metalcore with elements of electronic music is a musical style which has exploded over the past few years. Some bands mnage to carry it off really well really well and can make a really kick ass sound, like Bring Me the Horzon, Asking Alexandria or Sleeping With Sirens. If the fusion is put into the wrong hands, you get Attack Attack!, who to be fair, are absolutely hilarious.
 So recently I've been getting into the music of a very new band who are doing this kind of thing and doing it well. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Shot, Down South are delivering their own take on the fusion to the world. On their lead track Restless, the group mix brooding synth drums with their furious heavy metal with shredding that is reminiscent of Pantera, guttural screaming which is off-the-wall in it's fury from Josh Baires and a wild rythym section from Tyler Patterson and Harrison Rowland. Their other track Sharpen Your Knives just sees them going totally mental where you have no choice but to lose yourself in the awesomeness. Which is then contrasted in the acoustic version of the song which packs a more emotional impact.
 I've mainly gotten into this band after talking to and getting on pretty well with guitarist Jason Fontaine through Google +. He's a really cool guy who shows a real passion for making his music. He's also got his own blog coremusic, where he posts any info aboutnew stuff from well known and any up and coming metalcore bands, be it in news or new music. There's some good stuff be found and hopefully new material I can use for ROARF.
 So everyone should check these guys out, they're a hard working bunch of guys with a real talent to give glory and respectibility to the rising of metal/electronic bands. And if they become the biggest band in the world that means they will owe it all to me ! (Evil laugh).


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