Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Song review: The Ordinary Boys - Run This Town

 This morning, I've awoken only to be greeted with the delighful news that Worthing indie rockers The Ordinary Boys have returned following their split in 2008. My delight emerges due to my mas adoration of their debut album Over the Counter Culture and it's collection of protest mod rock songs teaching us to screw mainstream society, go wild and go to the seaside. After that, my appreciation descends a little as they take a more pop influenced turn on Brassbound and How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted in Ten Easy Steps, as more synthesizers, ska and dance music influences which were on the whole unsuiting became introduced to their sound. Yet, it's still massively surprising and exciting to see them back together. Maybe it's because of the mockery that frontman Samuel Preston was reduced to following his various television appearances on the likes of Celebrity Big Brother and Never Mind the Buzzcocks and the mess the band had become. So it's awesome to see that they've returned on a clean sheet.
 Run This Town emphasises this feeling of glory of returning without caring what anyone thinks of them. It's like they forgot they were ever a massive band in the UK popular music scene and have returned to their mod rock roots. With a similar style both musically and lyrical to the work of Over the Counter Culture, this is a a clear sign that the band wants to back to their humble beginnings and just have fun and Preston and William Brown create some cool and bouncy riffs elevated by the pounding drumming of Simon Goldring.
 So, Run This Town is likely to excite any fan of The Ordinary Boys' early work, as it clearly shows that to be a style they wish to pursue again. Hopefully, this will see the beginning of a succesful and prosperous comeback for these guys.

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